Academic proposal

We support our student community when they have special learning or emotional challenges. At the Center for Counseling and Learning Support (KOA) we accompany our student community in different situations, both emotional and behavioral as well as cognitive, that may be affecting academic progress. For this reason, we have expert professionals in neuropsychology, learning support, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling in charge of carrying out activities focused on the prevention, early detection, and intervention of difficulties that impact the emotional and cognitive development of our students. La Montaña is committed to training everyone, regardless of their learning characteristics. It is for these reasons that KOA guides the school inclusion program based on the design of recommendations, adaptations, or curricular modifications that allow adjusting the academic, methodological, or environmental demands to the particular needs, according to the cognitive profile of each one of them. As part of this process, teachers have the support of this team of professionals to generate and implement strategies that allow comprehensive development.

Learning support

Our professionals in neuropsychology, speech therapy, or occupational therapy are in charge of carrying out evaluation processes with which the learning profile of our students is established. This provides elements to advise teachers on the tools that allow them to reach their greatest academic and personal potential. If based on the evaluation, specialized support is required, the KOA professionals carry out the referral and subsequent monitoring of these processes until they have a positive impact on the improvement of academic development. When neuropsychology support is required, the school will provide the assistance of occupational therapy, speech therapy, or learning psychology professionals who provide their services within the school space.


With the KOA Counseling service, our students have emotional support. This support is related to social skills, conflict management, episodes of emotional imbalance, and relationships with peers and adults, among others. The scope of this service is limited by the educational nature of GLM and does not imply a formal therapeutic intervention in Clinical Psychology; If more formal support is necessary, the student or their family is referred to an external process, and follow-up is done within the school, which includes implementing the strategies suggested by the external professional and support for teachers to manage the student and their particular emotional requirements.


KOA accompanies the admissions process for students entering kindergarten by conducting parent interviews with the intention of getting to know the families of new students. Once these students are admitted, a morning of recreational activities is carried out in order to know their individual characteristics and to be able to provide better support once they enter their school years. Similarly, when students who have been admitted correspond to grades other than kindergarten, an accompaniment plan is carried out through a program called “My first friend,” which seeks to facilitate the adaptation of students and allows them to identify more easily with the operation and routines of the school.

Professional orientation

Through a vocational and professional guided program, KOA accompanies students from the ninth to eleventh grade in their task of exploring and identifying their abilities and interests to therefore applying them to an activity that allows them to develop their personality and aptitudes, guiding and assisting them into choosing their University course.