Mission and Goals

Our beginnings

 Guided by their vocation and teaching tradition, Maiía Mercedes de Brigard and Leopoldo Garca decided, in 1988, to materialize their dream of years: to create a school to contribute, from there, to the construction of a better world. With another family member of the family, Lucila de Brigard, whose experience in preschool education was of vital importance from the beginning, on September 6, Gimnasio La Montaña opened its doors for the first time, in a small colonial-looking house, a small student body of sixty-five boys and girls.

Since then, and year after year, the School has doubled its student community to the point that it was necessary to find a larger space to meet the new demands. Eventually, the school found its permanent residence in a safe country environment the North of the city a safe country environment.

GLM today and in the future

Today, after more than three decades of existence, our graduates attest to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence in achieving top- level places at state tests and obtaining one hundred percent admissions to national and foreign universities. At Gimnasio La Montaña we continuously work to innovate in our educational practices, seeking that our students develop the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st century; our leadership approach in incorporating technology into the learning process is proof of this. Likewise, we promote critical thinking, and a global approach to knowledge containing a discipline education methodology and a solid formation in values. The previously mentioned values and approaches allow ethical and competent citizens to contribute to the profound transformation of the society where they live.